DIGI Engage

Digital Industry Group Inc (DIGI) is a non-profit industry organisation that advocates for digital services in Australia and works to ensure the Internet is a safe and respectful place, in collaboration with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Verizon Media.

DIGI Engage know that young people have a powerful role to play in bringing people with diverse opinions together and helping to stop the hate speech and extremism that occurs when societies are divided and when people are intolerant to difference.

Our Friends Electric brought together incredible partners and speakers to provide inspiring and practical skills-building workshop for young leaders to explore the root causes of divisions in societies, and to workshop creative solutions for empathy and tolerance to triumph over hate and extremism. Attendees leave with the skills to effectively influence others both online and offline.

Our Friends Electric worked with the DIGI team as well as the partners of the DIGI Engage platform to bring together interactive workshops and discussions panels.

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